The assertion that we are the average of the five individuals we spend the most time with underscores the profound impact our environment and relationships have on our lives. While some might question this concept, research consistently validates that the company we keep influences us more than we realize. The people we surround ourselves with matter, and an age-old adage reminds us that our friends reflect who we are. Although these statements don't universally apply, they hold a degree of truth grounded in averages and the intentions we set for ourselves.

Today we explore the manifold advantages of building a network of high self-esteem achievers, elucidating how their attitudes, behaviors, and achievements can catalyze our own journey towards self-improvement, resilience, and triumph.

Benefits of Being Around High Self-Esteem Achievers

Everyone has the potential for enormous success. Being around high achievers can inspire and motivate you to realize your own potential.

Positive Influence and Mindset Enhancement

When you associate with people who possess high self-esteem, their positive attitudes and self-assured outlook can rub off on you. Their optimism can challenge any negative self-talk or self-doubt you may have, leading to a more confident and resilient mindset. Being around individuals who view challenges as opportunities can inspire you to adopt a similar perspective.

Learning and Growth

High self-esteem individuals often seek personal growth and continuous improvement. Interacting with them exposes you to new ideas, experiences, and opportunities. Engaging in conversations with such individuals can lead to valuable insights and learning, contributing to your own personal and professional development.

Motivation and Goal Setting

People with high self-esteem tend to set and pursue ambitious goals. Their determination and persistence can ignite your motivation to strive for your own aspirations. Witnessing their success stories can serve as a tangible reminder that with effort and self-belief, you can achieve your own dreams.

Positive Energy and Happiness

Spending time with individuals who radiate positivity and self-assurance can elevate your own mood and overall happiness. Their enthusiasm and joy can create an uplifting atmosphere that fosters your own sense of contentment and well-being.

Building a Supportive Network

High self-esteem individuals often value collaboration and support. Associating with them can provide you with a network of friends who are not only encouraging but also genuinely interested in your success. This support system can be crucial during challenging times, offering guidance, motivation, and a helping hand.

Overcoming Fear and Resilience

Being around confident individuals can help you confront and conquer your own fears and insecurities. Their courage and resilience can inspire you to step out of your comfort zone, face challenges head-on, and develop greater self-assurance in the process.

Expanded Opportunities

As you engage with people who have high self-esteem, you'll likely come across new opportunities for personal and professional growth. Their connections, experiences, and initiatives can open doors for you that you might not have encountered otherwise.

Mindset Shift and Self-Discovery

As your own self-esteem improves, you'll naturally attract individuals who share similar values and aspirations. This shift in your social circle can lead to more meaningful relationships and a deeper understanding of yourself. You'll begin to recognize the importance of surrounding yourself with individuals who uplift and empower you.

Enhanced Emotional Intelligence

Engaging with people who are self-assured can help you develop better emotional intelligence. You'll learn to communicate effectively, empathize, and navigate social situations with greater ease, which can contribute to stronger relationships both personally and professionally.

Grace and Glory

Being around high achievers can attract grace and glory into your life. The positivity, success, and support they embody can have a transformative impact on your own experiences.

How To Attract High Self-Esteem Achievers

Here is a 7 step process for attracting high self-esteem people into your life.

1. Define the Type of People You Want to Attract:

The first step involves defining the specific qualities and characteristics of the individuals you want to attract into your life. This step is essential as it sets the foundation for identifying the type of people you want to connect with.

2. Define Who You Need to Become:

This step emphasizes the importance of self-improvement and personal growth. To attract high self-esteem individuals, you need to work on yourself and become someone they would find valuable and worth connecting with.

3. Increase Your Value:

This step elaborates on becoming more valuable in the eyes of the individuals you want to attract. It suggests focusing on areas of self-improvement that are aligned with the qualities and characteristics you defined earlier.

4. Put Yourself in Relevant Environments:

This step suggests putting yourself in environments where the type of people you want to attract are likely to be found. This step enables you to naturally encounter and connect with individuals who share similar interests and values.

5. Network and Build Relationships:

Networking and building relationships with the people you encounter in the relevant environments are critical to establishing meaningful connections. This involves engaging in conversations, sharing experiences, and showing genuine interest in others.

6. Be an Active Seeker:

Be proactive in seeking out connections and relationships with the type of people you want in your life. This involves making efforts to approach and engage with individuals who align with your criteria.

7. Create Value for Others:

Creating value for others can also play a role in attracting high self-esteem individuals. Offering support, insights, and help can make you a valuable and desirable connection in their eyes.

In summary, this seven-step process provides a comprehensive approach to attracting high self-esteem people into your life. It involves defining your desired connections, working on personal growth, enhancing your value, seeking relevant environments, networking, and creating mutual value.


In the pursuit of success, aligning ourselves with high-achieving, high self-esteem individuals becomes pivotal. Just as top athletes thrive amidst fierce competition, our greatest achievements surface when we challenge ourselves by associating with those better than us. By choosing to associate with individuals who exude confidence, determination, and a positive outlook, we create a supportive environment that fosters personal growth and resilience. As we navigate the complexities of life, let us remember that the company we keep shapes not only who we are today, but also who we aspire to become tomorrow. By cultivating a circle of high self-esteem achievers, we pave the way for a future defined by continuous self-improvement and remarkable accomplishments.

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Aug 8, 2023

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