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Sometimes, it feels like stress will break you, but stress itself can be broken, and like a piñata, each step you take to break it open gets you closer to a beautiful reward. Let your eyes flutter closed, and imagine that there's a vibrant, colorful piñata in front of you. The piñata is in the shape of your stress, and with every action you take in this exercise, you'll see it crack open a little more. Let's start by turning your mind to something funny. When was the last time you found yourself laughing uncontrollably? As you recall this moment, feel its levity carry through your body, and envision your stress piñata just beginning to tear. Now, imagine yourself one year from today. Future you has a message about your current moment of stress. Some helpful guiding words. What message do you hear from yourself? With these words, you see that the tear in the piñata is growing larger. Next, ask yourself a question. What's one action I could take to lighten this stress? Choose a tiny, achievable step you can do later today. And with this decision, the piñata begins to almost come undone. Finally, turn your attention to your breath. With each deep inhale, imagine you're breathing in a beautiful light in your favorite color. And with every exhale, let some of that stress release. Invite the tension in your body to melt. As you continue to breathe deeply, the piñata finally breaks apart. Out pours a wonderful surprise. Maybe it's an item, or kind words, or even a feeling. What was inside your stress piñata? Enjoy a moment to celebrate your prize. When you feel ready and centered, let your eyes open.


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